Whether you crave nonstop adventure or love to lounge by the pool, nothing completes your vacation experience like a full complement of spa treatments.

We invite you to experience relaxation as you never have before. Fully immerse yourself in Sleeping Giant's rainforest setting and allow our experts to massage, beautify and pamper away the stresses of modern life. Let your mind wander and your soul break free of daily concerns, all while you unwind under the care of our talented aestheticians and therapists. Surrounded by lush foliage, soaring mountains and trickling creeks, we provide the ultimate spa experience right in your own room or on your veranda.

Get ready to feel refreshed and renewed as we soothe away your cares with all-natural ingredients and gentle, relaxing services...

Read on to learn more about your options…


Nothing erases stress and worry like a massage. Our trained therapists offer hands-on relaxation at your chosen level of pressure, targeting your needs.
Opt for total relaxation, deep tension release or skin revitalization with the following choices.

Aromatherapy Massage

$75.00 – 1 hour

Our therapist uses precisely blended essential oils, slowly working them into the body for soothing and healing effects. This full-body massage utilizes long strokes that provide relaxation, improve circulation and ease muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage

$80.00 – 1 hour

Also commonly referred to as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage penetrates to your innermost muscles to address knots and tension and provide long-lasting relief. We recommend this massage after an arduous tour or to wear away the stress of travel.

Algae Massage

$75.00 – 1 hour

Our unique algae massage targets both beauty and relaxation in one hour-long treatment. It restores elasticity, revitalizes skin, relieves stress, detoxifies your systems and improves circulation simultaneously, for the ultimate soothing experience.

Scrubs and Polishes

Our range of natural scrubs and polishes, made with salts and herbs, offers you the ultimate in beautification, healing and leisure. With warm towels, pure exfoliants and moisturizing body lotion, we will cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin for lasting results.

Tropical Fruit Scrub

$55.00 – 30 minutes

This fantastic treatment is inspired by its surroundings. We use a blend of pineapple, mango, papaya and honey, infused with essential oils, to leave skin soft and silky with a radiant, healthy glow.

Seaweed Body Scrub

$60.00 – 30 minutes

Echoing Belize’s lovely coastline, our Seaweed Body Scrub offers a mineral-rich experience redolent of ocean breezes and sandy toes. We transform your body inside and out, both purifying the skin and stimulating new cell growth.

Honey Body Polish

$55.00 – 30 minutes

Thank heaven for bees! This therapeutic polish restores the skin’s natural glow with an exfoliating massage treatment, removing dull surface skin cells while improving circulation and producing a glowing satin finish.

Other Services

Mud Masque

$70.00 – 30 to 45 minutes

This soothing masque leverages the unique healing powers of essential vitamins and minerals, helping to strengthen the underlying tissue for an overall smoothing and toning effect.


$55.00 – 30 minutes

Detoxify, tone and revitalize tired and stressed skin with our luxurious facial. Using 100% all-natural products, your skin will receive the lift it’s been looking for without the use of chemicals or toxins.


$35.00 – 30 minutes

Even the smoothest hands deserve pampering. Enjoy a full manicure, courtesy of our expert technicians, including a warm soak, nail shaping, cuticle cleanup, conditioning exfoliant and a tension-relieving massage and polish.


$40.00 – 30 minutes

Soothe tired feet in a warm bath of peppermint essential oil while simultaneously enjoying the beautifying effects of our signature pedicure. We shape nails, trim cuticles, exfoliate and rehydrate dry skin, and finish with a massage and polish.


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